The uniqueness & quality of a boutique at an affordable price

About Us

Hello and welcome to Ash & Rae! We are a mother-daughter team from Lakewood, CA where we carefully inspect and send out all of our clothes, jewelry & gifts with love! Our goal is to offer people the uniqueness and quality of a boutique but at a more affordable price. Ash & Rae was started with the intentions of one day opening a store of our own! Stay tuned as we continue to see where this incredible journey takes us!

Here's a little more info about us. We have been in business for about 7 years now and we absolutely love what we do! In November, we will celebrate 6 years with our truck. Mama Wendy is the driver of Cali, our mobile boutique & also coordinates all of our events. Haley is our social media marketing manager and leads all of our live videos. Ashley does the administrative end of the business & also models the clothing during our live videos.